Search Your Stash

October 1st , 2020

The main purpose behind QueryStash is to help you organize you SQL code. Anything from a simple snippet, full analytics query or some useful examples. If you have already been through the process of creating your first query, you will have learnt that we capture extra metadata to help you later retrieve your queries in a simple manner.

This week we are pleased to introduce the first version of “Search”.

Searching is as easy as Googling, oh wait they are the same thing right? Yes, just start typing and watch your stash update below.

By default the search is looking for potential query matches across all of the metadata we have for each query. Titles, tags, descriptions and the actual SQL code itself.

So if you know what function you are looking for just type it, for example:

We said by default, what is not default?

Well you can be a little more specific for cases where you want a more targeted search. We have some special key words that trigger target searches. tags, title and sql. You can use any of these words with a colon then your search term, to specifically search just the tags or just titles or just your SQL code.

Some examples:

In most cases the default search will work perfectly fine, however as your stash grows and becomes bigger and bigger, you might want to narrow things down slightly. More features will be coming further down the line to make retrieving queries even easier as we go.


One final update related to search, as if the above wasn’t enough.

We have now added the ability to click any tag label to automatically filter your stash to that tag. Just click the label name in the UI and it will automatically update. You may also note that the URL of the page changes as well e.g. so you can easily bookmark or share if needed.

Need a refresher on creating queries, don’t forget to checkout our intro guide

Full run down of upcoming features can be found on our public roadmap