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For Analysts, Engineers or Data Scientists, QueryStash makes organising your SQL code easier.


Gather and stash useful SQL queries in one convinient place.


Organise your query stash into collections of realted content.


Quickly and easily find the query you need, through our simple search.


Search the public query stash for useful snippets and techniques.


Save time and energy, with a query stash at your fingertips.

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Our Journey

My Story

After more than a decade of learning, growing and transforming an analytics team for a very large global organisation, I've learnt a lot about the data space. It's time for me to put my experience, into building the product toolset I wish my team and I had many years ago.

Product Roadmap

We are very early into our product development journey and vision for Query Stash. While we are on our journey we like to keep the plans open and public, welcoming any feedback and suggestions on where we are heading.

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Privacy First

We are committed to respecting both our visitors and users privacy, by not using cookies to track or re-target them in anyway. Your privacy is important to us.

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