Product Roadmap

Coming Soon

Share Query
Ability to share a query with an individual.
Share Collections
Ability to share a collection with an individual.
Public Collections
Ability to make a collection public.
Your Starred Queries
View of all of your starred queries.
Ability to create teams with collaboration.
Run Query
Execute a query and return results.
Data Visualisations
Generate interactive charts from your queries.


Organise groups of queries into a collection. Learn more
Search Stash
Ability to search and filter your stash. Learn more
Public queries
Create queries that are visable to everyone. Learn more
Priavte queries
Create queries that are visable to only yourself.
Ability to add descriptions, including the use of Markdown.
Star Query
Ability to star/like a query to show your appriciation.
Discover Page
View into the most popular or trending public queries.
Account Management
Basic page to manage account.
Upgrade Flow
Integration with Stripe and basic upgrade flow.
Dynamic Images
Image generation for sharing public query.