Privacy First

You might be wondering why you didn't have to click one of those annoying cookie banner's when you visited our site for the first time. While annoying, they are very important to ensure that we as customers know what we are getting ourselves into when we visit a site.

The good news for you, is we take Privacy very seriously and take every step to ensure we do not over step the mark on what is right or wrong in the way we use data.

To keep things simple we have decided to take the most extreme measure of privacy.

We don't use cookies to track or target you in any way at all!

No cookies at all, no social media re-targetting tags, no google tag manager, nothing.

Surely you must be using Google Analytics? NO

Thankfully not, through the great work of the folk at We have a privacy compliant analytics tracking platform that gives us everything we need to help us understand our website usage. While making sure that the privacy of our users is respected. Best of all their analytics dashboard is super simple.

If you haven't heard of yet, and operate your own website, I fully suggest you check them out. It's not free, which means they dont sell your data.