Dynamic Images for Sharing

September 23rd , 2020

Sharing is fundamental to QueryStash, the goal is to create an environment where the community of users can help each other develop and share knowledge.

To facilitate this making sharing queries easier and more appealing definitely warrants a little bit of attention. To start with some initial steps we have made a few updates this week to help fulfil this dream.

First the easy part, we have added a simple share to Twitter button right on the query page. That’s it the little blue button with a bird on it.

However this is not all, now for the exciting part.

Now every time you create or update a new public query, we automatically generate an image. This is specifically designed for sharing content in a more appealing fashion, for example with the use of Twitter cards.

The actual image generated will look something like this.

So next time you edit or create a new query your image will be ready within a few seconds of pressing the “Save” button. Ready to share to the world.

Need a refresher on creating queries, don’t forget to checkout our intro guide

Full run down of upcoming features can be found on our public roadmap