Organise Queries with Collections

October 20th , 2020

Curating your QueryStash with Tags and extra metadata allows us to make Search really easy, to help you retrieve the query you need, when you need it. However sometimes it makes more sense to physically curate related queries together in one place. Just as you would with your files in a folder or music in a playlist, specifically indicating that these things belong in the same place.

Introducing Collections

Collections are specifically designed to help group content together. Everything from related snippets like math formulas, to extensive analysis projects that involve many queries to generate the results.

For now think of them exactly like you would folders, if it belongs together stash it in the same place. The additional benefit is a query can belong to many collections, so if it makes sense why not add it to multiple collections.

Create a Collection

To get started navigate to the Collections page. Here you will find your blank canvas to start your collections journey.

Go ahead and click that big blue button above to create your first Collection. Alternatively click the “New Collection” button on the right hand side. Hopefully this will be very familiar territory for yourself as this is exactly the same as the new Query process.

Once you land at the New Collection page, you have a very short form to complete with some essential information.

Complete the form with a Collection title and a brief description to encapsulate the purpose of the collection. Don’t worry too much you can add to the description and change the title at any point.

Hit save and your new Collection is ready to start adding to.

When you view your Stash or an individual query, you will notice a new folder icon has been added to the query menu, click the button and view the list of Collections you have created. Select any Collection to add the query.

Omce you have added a few queries head back to the Collections page and view your new curated Collection. Still haven’t created your first query? View our guide.

What’s Next for Collections?

Organising is really just the start of Collections, the end goal is really to enable the ability to not only organise but tell stories. Imagine the full analysis project from SQL code, to output results tables, to interactive visualisations, all connected through commentary text.

We are just at the beginning of the journey. Follow our product roadmap.