Organise Queries with Collections

October 20th , 2020

Curating your QueryStash with Tags and extra metadata allows us to make Search really easy, to help you retrieve the query you need, when you need it. However sometimes it makes more sense to physically curate related queries together in one place. Just as you would with your files in a folder or music in a playlist, specifically indicating that these things belong in the same place.

Search Your Stash

October 1st , 2020

The main purpose behind QueryStash is to help you organize you SQL code. Anything from a simple snippet, full analytics query or some useful examples. If you have already been through the process of creating your first query, you will have learnt that we capture extra metadata to help you later retrieve your queries in a simple manner.

Dynamic Images for Sharing

September 23rd , 2020

Sharing is fundamental to QueryStash, the goal is to create an environment where the community of users can help each other develop and share knowledge.

Moving Average Example

September 14th , 2020

The last few days have been busy at QueryStash, with a lot of updates rolling out. One particular new enhancement to demonstrate today is public queries. While public queries have existed since the beginning, technically you needed to be logged in to see a public query. So not really public to the world.

Your First Query

September 2nd , 2020

Getting started with QueryStash, doesn’t need to fill daunting. The only question you have to answer is what gets stashed first. Some might want to start with useful snippets, things you might use on a regular basis, others could jump right in through the project route and start organizing their own analytics work.


September 1st , 2020

Firstly, thank you for your time in reading this today and visiting my new project. Hopefully you have stumbled upon QueryStash with the goal of solving some of the very same problems I wanted to solve by building this product in the first place.